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Oct 3, 2018

Join us for the ninth annual SCCA, which honors significant achievements in conservation across southern Colorado.

Southern Colorado Conservation Awards

The Southern Colorado Conservation Awards (SCCA) honors the significant achievements of individuals and organizations that, through their conservation efforts, advance the well-being of southern Colorado’s communities, people, ecologies, and economies. The event focuses on conservation achievements in the broadest sense—knowing that successful conservation involves more than just resource protection; it involves a wide variety of champions across political, educational, business, research, and land management spectrums.

SCCA is a land conservation community recognition event. Community sponsorships help us cover the costs of producing this event. By making this a not-for-profit endeavor, we more effectively honor our winners and the many organizations and supporters that stand behind them. This, in turn, builds strength in the conservation community as a whole and greater political will for protecting the resources in Colorado that are important to all of us. We serve more than just a select group of conservation insiders, and, as our increasing attendance demonstrates, bring a greater understanding of conservation’s importance to a diverse audience. If you are interested in supporting or sponsoring this event, please contact our offices at [email protected] or by calling (719) 632-3236.

Award winners are nominated by the community at large and selected by an independent Blue Ribbon Panel. The 2017 panel included: Pueblo County District Attorney, Jeff Chostner; Executive Director of the John and Margot Lane Foundation and the Dusty and Katherine Loo Foundation, Tony Rosendo; Third Sector Group Principal, Kimberley Sherwood; retired Rocky Mountain PBS Station Manager, Wynona Sullivan; El Pomar President and Chief Investment Officer, Thayer Tutt; and retired attorney and former Palmer Trustee, Bruce Warren.


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