We are Southern Colorado

From the summit of Pikes Peak to the rolling grasslands of the lower Arkansas Valley, we are one region connected by water and a beautiful, diverse landscape.

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The Southern Colorado Conservation Awards


Join us for the ninth annual Southern Colorado Conservation Awards! The awards honor the significant achievements of individuals and organizations that, through their conservation efforts, advance the well-being of southern Colorado's communities, people, ecologies and economies. 

Click here for more information on this year's, event, get a sneak peek at award winners and to register.

Our vision is a community united around land as essential to our identity, economy, and quality of life. 

Palmer By the Numbers acres preserved 139,058
Palmer By the Numbers public parks and openspaces protected forever 19
Palmer By the Numbers largest land trust in USAbased on acreage under conservation easements 18 th

Our mission is to protect southern Colorado's lands for present and future generations.

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It's Why We Live Here

Southern Colorado is home to world-class outdoor recreation, majestic views, and robust working farms and ranches.

Alongside private and public partners, we ensure that the Colorado we enjoy today is available to future generations. 


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Aug 27th, 2018

UPDATE August 28, 2018: City Council unanimously approved this expansion. Read more here

Aug 9th, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The continued conservation of Colorado’s iconic landscapes and agricultural heritage requires dedication, gumption, and innovation.  To honor the individuals and organizations exhibiting these efforts, Palmer Land Trust is introducing the Inspired Future Award.

Aug 9th, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – With more than 40 years dedicated to conservation, hundreds of thousands of acres protected through her work, and more than $1 billion provided toward conservation through statewide programs she helped initiate, Sydney Shafroth Macy exemplifies a lifetime of conservation.

Why I Give - Rachel Beck

I grew up in a valley that boasted some of the best soil in the country. But because of rampant, unplanned development, the citrus groves and vegetable fields became crowded subdivisions and strip malls, traffic and air pollution increased, roadside produce stands became scarce, and the beautiful mountain views the community enjoyed were marred. The Palmer Land Trust ensures that that won’t happen in Southern Colorado, helping to preserve our favorite recreation spots, wildlife habitat, mountain views, agricultural communities and the natural environment that makes this such a great place to live.

Rachel Beck

Why I Give - Winn Jewett - Oxbow Labs

Oxbow Labs Team

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to find and attract incredible employees. The most important quality that this region offers is outdoor recreation. The work that Palmer Land Trust is critical to ensuring that the qualities that make Colorado unique are maintained, not just for the short term, but forever. Today, PLT's steadfast commitment to land conservation has never been more important. Our lands, open spaces, and outdoor recreation are critical to the success of small businesses like Oxbow Labs. This is why I give.

Winn Jewett - Oxbow Labs

Why I Give - Dick Harwood

Two of the things I love most about the Pikes Peak Region are its natural beauty and all the outdoor recreational opportunities it affords in our very backyard. I never tire of hiking places like Red Rock Canyon, Ute Valley Park and Section 16, or enjoying the spectacular and almost unobstructed mountain vistas as I drive up Ute Pass and circle Pikes Peak on the Gold Belt Byway.
If it weren’t for the preservation work of Palmer Land Trust, areas like these would be developed and lost forever to future generations. That’s why I think it’s so important to support this crucial organization in any way I can.

Dick Harwood

Why I Give - Patti Freudenburg

Having both grown up in wild, open, wonderful places (on Guam for Tony, in Nebraska for Patti) with plenty of room for exploration, it is natural that we want to do what we can to provide similar opportunities for future generations here. Whether it is preserving contiguous wildlife corridors or protecting farm and ranch land in the Lower Arkansas Valley, we are delighted to be a part of the Palmer Land Trust’s ongoing efforts. The accomplishments of PLT benefit us all.

Patti Freudenburg

Why I Give - Matt Niznik (and little Owen)

Palmer Land Trust protects the lands and communities that make Southern Colorado special. From the trails I hike to the local produce I eat, Palmer Land Trust guarantees that these valuable assets will continue to define Colorado for my children and future generations.

Matt Niznik (and little Owen)

Why I Give - Ari Beckman

I like to go hiking and enjoy the land near where I live. Section 16 is my favorite spot right now, and I want more places like that to be preserved. Land conservation does more than just keep the view pretty, and I want to help further the efforts of an organization geared toward protecting open space to help the natural environment flourish.

Ari Beckman

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