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From the summit of Pikes Peak to the rolling grasslands of the lower Arkansas Valley, we are one region connected by water and a diverse landscape. Palmer Land Trust works at the landscape level to accomplish important land protection work because water, wildlife, and scenic views don’t stop at city or county boundaries. Together, we can accomplish remarkable projects that secure the beauty, identity, and heritage of our unique region. Our work is focused in three areas.


More than two-thirds of Colorado Springs residents enjoy outdoor recreation at least once a week. Open spaces like Ute Valley Open Space, Red Rock Canyon, Stratton Open Space and Bear Creek Park provide recreational opportunities for city residents and tourists alike. Palmer Land Trust’s work to preserve public open spaces ensures a quality of life that residents and local businesses value. Our efforts also support tourism, which is one of the region’s leading economic sectors.

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Signature Landscapes

Palmer Land Trust is committed to preserving the identity of our region by conserving our most iconic and treasured landscapes. These signature landscapes define not simply a community, but an entire region. They form our collective identity as Coloradans. As core community assets, they are the very heart and soul of our region. This is why Palmer Land Trust is working to ensure that these properties and the scenic viewsheds surrounding them remain protected forever.

Working Farms & Ranches

Palmer Land Trust works with local farmers and ranchers to preserve their land and water resources, and their way of life. We have protected over 100,000 acres of ranchland and agriculture. We are dedicated to accelerating the pace of land and water conservation in some of Colorado’s most underserved and agriculturally rich communities, helping ranching and farming families plan for the future, strengthening those communities, and promoting fiscally responsible land use.

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Where Palmer Land Trust Works

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Community Conservation

Palmer Land Trust’s conservation work in southern Colorado is driven by the communities we work with. From urban centers to mountain towns and rural communities, our region is defined by our landscape. Palmer’s efforts are driven by community vision and community needs.

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Stewardship Program

Palmer Land Trust has a perpetual commitment to its protected properties. While landowners may come and go, or pass land on to future generations, Palmer Land Trust remains a committed partner in ensuring a property’s conservation values remain forever. Palmer Land Trust’s Stewardship Program is dedicated to managing and stewarding protected lands. This includes:

  • Annual monitoring of more than 120 Palmer-protected properties with public and private landowners
  • Working with private landowners to maintain forest health, complete restoration projects, or mitigate wildfire threats
  • Maintaining community open space properties for the benefit of local residents with our city and county parks partners
  • Working with public entities to develop master plans and management plans

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