Working Farms and Ranches

Palmer Land Trust works with local farmers and ranchers to preserve their land and water resources, and their way of life. We have protected over 100,000 acres of ranchland and agriculture. We are dedicated to accelerating the pace of land and water conservation in some of Colorado’s most underserved and agriculturally rich communities, helping ranching and farming families plan for the future, strengthening those communities, and promoting fiscally responsible land use.

In 2012, Palmer Land Trust completed its Western Lower Arkansas Valley Conservation Plan. Completed in consultation with a range of stakeholders and a Regional Oversight Committee, the Plan lays out a vision for maintaining viable agricultural lands, water resources, and natural lands in the lower Arkansas Valley. In 2013, Palmer opened and staffed an office in Rocky Ford to spearhead our conservation efforts in the area.

Palmer Land Trust’s agriculture effort has two core focuses: preserving working farms and their water resources, and preserving large-scale working ranches. This multi-faceted effort is based on the premise that by using conservation as a tool for maintaining a strong agricultural base, native prairie is left intact, regional water resources are preserved, and resilient rural communities are sustained.

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An aerial view of some of the beautiful farmland along the Arkansas River near Avondale. Aerial support provided by Lighthawk.