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More than two-thirds of Colorado Springs residents enjoy outdoor recreation at least once a week. Open spaces like Ute Valley Open Space, Red Rock Canyon, Stratton Open Space and Bear Creek Park provide recreational opportunities for city residents and tourists alike. Palmer Land Trust’s work to preserve public open spaces ensures a quality of life that residents and local businesses value. Our efforts also support tourism, which is one of the region’s leading economic sectors.

Palmer Land Trust’s public recreation conservation focuses on the City of Colorado Springs, City of Manitou Springs, El Paso County, and Teller County. We work in partnership with these parks and open space departments to ensure the perpetual protection of key public open spaces. Palmer Land Trust holds 19 conservation easements on public properties. Apart from other public properties, these parks and open spaces with a conservation easement are guaranteed public access. Through the easement, Palmer has a legal interest in the property and will ensure that these special places are forever accessible to the public.

The following public open spaces and parks are permanently protected by Palmer Land Trust:

City of Colorado Springs

  • Bluestem Prairie Open Space
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space & Section 16
  • Stratton Open Space
  • Sinton Pond
  • Tudor Trail and Greenway
  • University Park (deed-restricted)
  • Ute Valley Gateway Open Space

El Paso County

  • Bear Creek Park
  • Elephant Rock Open Space
  • Jones Park Open Space
  • M. Christian Open Space
  • Paint Mines Interpretive Park
  • Pineries Open Space
  • Schreder Open Space

Manitou Springs

  • Black Canyon Road Open Space
  • Iron Mountain Open Space
  • Red Mountain Open Space

Teller County

  • Catamount Ranch Open Space


  • Strawberry Hill