The Rain on the Plains

The Lower Arkansas Valley has been seeing A LOT of rain this spring. Our Lower Arkansas Valley Conservation Director, Matt Heimerich (pictured), has gotten nearly six inches on his farm in May alone – far above average and potentially even record breaking.

What does so much rain mean for everyone?

The cows on LAV ranches love it because there is grass everywhere, but produce like corn and veggies have to be on a delayed seeding or transplant schedule because of all the moisture. That means you could see produce availability from the LAV delayed because of the increased rainfall. Plus, rising spring and summer temperatures will result in increasing snow melt that could lead to flooding since reservoirs are all ready full.

The good news:

The area didn’t lose much to freezing and hasn’t seen any crop-destroying hail. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed as we look forward to local produce from the family farms in the LAV coming our way soon.