Potential Open Space Expansion in Colorado Springs

UPDATE August 28, 2018: City Council unanimously approved this expansion. Read more here

Colorado Springs residents may be welcoming new open space in the months to come! News broke in mid-August that Colorado Springs City Council would be considering the purchase of 64 acres of land southeast of Blodgett Open Space. The price of the purchase is $778,500, which would come from dedicated TOPS funding, the one-tenth of one percent (.10%) tax established by voters in 1997 to preserve open space, trails, and parks. The TOPS Working Committee is recommending the purchase.

If approved, the 64-acres would be added to the current Blodgett open space system, enlarging it to more than 231 acres and linking natural areas to increase recreation opportunities. This area has already been identified as a “Candidate Open Space Area” in the Park System Master Plan. The addition of these parcels would add to the mountain backdrop that makes up the views to the West of Colorado Springs, and would provide the opportunity for new trails and trail connections with an expansion of the current Blodgett trail system and added connectivity to Pike National Forest.  

The Trust for Public Land has helped coordinate the project by bringing the current owner of the three parcels to the table as a willing seller. Each of the three parcels already has a conservation easement held by El Paso County.

The first meeting of City Council about this acquisition is scheduled for August 28 at 1 p.m. You can get more information about the full agenda, as well as links to the full presentation about the Blodgett Open Space project here.