Palmer Protects Irrigated Farmland

Palmer Land Trust is proud to announce its partnership with cousins Bart and David Mendenhall in preserving four irrigated farms in Rocky Ford. The four farms – Home Place, M&M Dutchman, and C&M – combine for more than 660 acres, including nearly 400 acres of irrigated farmland.

The project contributes to Palmer’s mission of protecting southern Colorado’s lands for current and future generations and conserving our agricultural, scenic, and recreational heritage. In the face of increasing pressure on Colorado’s land and water, Palmer and its partners believe it is essential to be proactive in protecting our agricultural resources.

“I and my cousins believe that it is critical to the economic and social wellbeing of the Lower Arkansas Valley to maintain irrigated agriculture. Holding on to irrigated agriculture also maintains the unique ecosystem created by it,” said Bart Mendenhall. “In transferring conservation easements on our farms to the Palmer Land Trust, we ensure that those farms will remain in irrigated agriculture in perpetuity… We are proud to partner with the Palmer Land Trust, which we know has the will and the means to carry out our wishes.”

The Gates Family Foundation, the Lower Arkansas Valley Conservation District, and private funding contributed to the purchase of conservation easements on the Mendenhall farms, ensuring they are preserved as working farmland forever.

Palmer provides ongoing stewardship to all of its protected landscapes, working closely with landowners to ensure each property’s conservation values are upheld in perpetuity. It is one of the largest local land trusts in the nation based on the number of acres conserved.