Join the Effort to Permanently Protect Section 16

Do your part to save Manitou Section 16.  DONATE NOW and help Palmer Land Trust permanently protect this remarkable community asset.

Manitou Section 16 is a celebrated, iconic part of the Colorado Springs landscape.  In the 1990s, the community nearly lost this open space to private interests, despite the fact that the property receives 150,000 recreational visitors annually.  After multiple attempts and years of negotiations, the City of Colorado Springs is finally poised to purchase the 640-acre parcel from the State Land Board (SLB).  TOPS sales tax funding will be used for the purchase, along with a $1 million Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant and $200,000 pledged from El Paso County.

But the sale of the property from one government entity to another doesn’t guarantee its protection.  That’s why Palmer Land Trust is leading a citizens’ effort to raise $40,000 in private funds to permanently protect Manitou Section 16 through a perpetual conservation easement.  Palmer’s conservation easement will guarantee that the property is protected and open to the public—FOREVER—regardless of who owns it.  Simultaneously, Palmer will be assisting the City of Colorado Springs as an advisor, while the City finalizes its purchase agreement with the State Land Board.  Purchase investors like GOCO mandate that their contributions be protected by conservation easements, and Palmer’s easement will also protect the investment of taxpayers, whose support through the dedicated TOPS sales tax is making the purchase possible.

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