Introducing Lily, the Heather Campbell Chaney Fellow for 2017

We are excited to welcome Lily to our team for the Summer. Her fellowship will include land visits, stewardship training, and lots of opportunity to learn about how Palmer Land Trust works. Here are her thoughts about the fellowship she will be doing for the next few months:

I am so thrilled to be working for the Palmer Land Trust this summer as a Campbell-Chaney fellow through Colorado College. I have been passionate about civic engagement and the environment for as long as I can remember and the Palmer Land Trust seems to be just the niche for my dovetailing interests. I am studying environmental policy and economics and am looking forward to seeing the things I have been reading about in my textbooks in real life. I am excited to see how the Land Trust works to involve the private sector in something oft-considered left to the public sector, preserving and maintaining the integrity of our land.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, enjoying the Colorado sunshine, tending to my plants, and cooking. I have an interest in local agriculture and am so appreciative of the work Palmer Land Trust is doing to protect farmland in Southern Colorado. I will take the things that I learn in this internship and apply the experiential learning to my degrees- to hopefully give me a more well-rounded education. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with the Palmer Land Trust and look forward to what is to come this summer.

We welcome her and all she will bring to the table! She will be contributing regularly to the Palmer news, sharing photos, and attending events, so say hello when you see her.