Grab a Pint at Cerberus to Support Palmer

Cerberus Brewing Company is barely over a year old, but in the last 12 months they have shown their talent with great beers and great food, often sourced as locally as possible. We were honored to find out that their Makin' Noise beer, brewed specifically to give back to a local non-profit, was brewed to support Palmer. 

Makin' Noise is a group of craft beer lovers who work to connect breweries with the causes that help the most marginalized and at risk in their communities. When Cerberus started exploring the potential of creating a beer that would support a non-profit as part of Makin' Noise, there were a lot of options. "When we first decided to take part in this cause, we discussed different groups or charities to support in the Springs. We soon realized that we had some great groups in the Springs, but some did not fit into our agreed charities," explains Cerberus owner and brewer, Josh Adamski. "While talking to the people behind Makin' Noise we realized that people were not the only ones/things being attacked or marginalized."

Colorado as a state is looking at a huge population boom, one that will likely impact every aspect of daily life. As cities prepare to support more people by building more houses and commercial buildings and expanding roads and other infrastructure, open space, parks, and even nearby farms are put at risk. Once these places are gone - built upon or dried up - we can't get them back. The only way to protect them is to start today. The crew at Cerberus knew that doing something today was important to retain our quality of life through tomorrow. 

"We chose Palmer Land Trust because we believe in protecting land and spaces for everyone to enjoy," says Adamski. "We basically have three charity avenues that we support: No kill animal shelters; open spaces, which include trails, bikes, and hiking; and, lastly, we are open to different medical causes and charities. So Palmer Land Trust fit in perfectly."

You can help support this locally-focused small business in Colorado Springs by stopping by their space at 702 W. Colorado Avenue. And you can support Palmer by ordering a Makin' Noise beer while you are there. The beer is a delight with orange peel, star anise and grains of paradise. For every pint, $1 will be donated to Palmer so we can keep the land we love a part of our lives, forever.