Colorado Public Lands Day is This Saturday!

Colorado is the first state in the nation to have an entire day dedicated to recognizing and enjoying our public lands!

This year, May 20th is our opportunity to celebrate the beauty and significance of Colorado’s wide-open, accessible, scenic views and recreation areas. 

Colorado wouldn’t be the same without public lands and public land is a lot more than just open space. Our stunning views are possible because of protected land. Our access to recreation like hiking and mountain biking is possible because of protected public lands. Our way of life here in Colorado is possible because of public lands. Properly protecting land and open space means it will be available for our children and our children’s children, and protecting land is just what we have been happy to do for 40 years now. 

Palmer helps ensure 17 public open spaces continue to exist and remain accessible for recreation, forever. By developing partnerships between Palmer Land Trust and city and county parks and open space departments, as well as neighbors and private owners, we make sure our community never loses what make us so unique.

We partnered with TOPS (Trails, Open Space and Parks) and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) to help protect Stratton Open Space when their funding grant required the space be available for public access forever; we partnered with the City of Manitou Springs when funding for Black Canyon Road hinged on a conservation easement; and we have been working alongside the Bear Creek Regional Park neighborhood as the community spearheaded protection of Bear Creek and raised funds so they never lose this special place.

If you have ever hiked Section 16, climbed in Red Rock Canyon, or rode Ute Valley Park, you have enjoyed one of the best assets Colorado Springs has to offer - abundant open space and access to recreation.

We hope you get out and enjoy Colorado Public Lands Day! If you want to help preserve open space, scenic views and our strong identity as an outdoor destination, donate today. Every amount helps make sure we can get out on the trail again tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Greg Frozley