Cherishing My Work – Palmer Staff Retreat in Teller County

Palmer Land Trust’s dedicated staff are privileged to work with visionaries who ranch, farm, recreate and raise families with the foresight and passion to preserve rural lifestyles, private lands and public parks and open spaces in southern Colorado. As the Director of Land Stewardship, I maintain the stewardship of the conservation easement records that protect landowners perpetual legacies to their heirs, their communities, and future Coloradans. And for one special autumn day, I joined the entire Palmer staff to visit six such successfully conserved properties in Teller County. 

Each property we visited was unique in its heritage, geographic setting, present use and contribution to the region’s ecological health. Each landowner conscientiously cares for property that feeds the soul of Colorado and contributes to the economic development of rural Teller County. The Palmer staff cherished the conversations and the landscape scale vistas—mountains range beyond range, monolithic rock outcrops, cone laden forests, preserved homesteads and state-of-the-art ag facilities, headwater streams of the Arkansas River and striped wet lands beside freshly harvested hay fields.

We photographed each other, our hosts and their domestic cattle— and even yaks—that grazed prosaically where elk and bighorn sheep would migrate from state and federal lands to safely graze in winter and calve in the spring. 

I cherish anew my daily work.

Candice Hall

Director of Land Stewardship