Chapman Foundation Issues $20,000 Section 16 Challenge Grant!

DONATE NOW to permanently protect Manitou Section 16.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 28, the Colorado Springs City Council unanimously approved the City’s purchase of Manitou Section 16 from the State Land Board, taking an historical action that the residents of Colorado Springs have long awaited.  This means that after decades of negotiations, the City will finally own the iconic landscape that so many outdoor enthusiasts use for recreation and enjoyment.

The protection of Manitou Section 16, however, is not guaranteed by the transfer of property rights between the State Land Board and the City of Colorado Springs.  In order to ensure that Section 16 is forever protected from development and open for public use, Palmer Land Trust, in collaboration with the Friends of Red Rock Canyon, is spearheading a citizens' effort to raise the $40,000 it takes to place the property under conservation easement.

To jumpstart the effort, the Mary K. Chapman Foundation has issued a challenge to the supporters of Section 16.  The Foundation will match $20,000 raised through community supporters.  This means that, as long as we can count on the citizens of Colorado Springs, we are half way to our goal of protecting Section 16 forever.