BioBlitz Coming Up July 14-15

The second of four BioBlitz events is coming up July 14th and 15th at Corral Bluffs. 

This BioBlitz will include two sessions to identify as many plant species as possible. The first happens on Friday from 4:30 to 6 pm and the second on Saturday 11 to 12:30. There is also the opportunity to participate in walk and talks including a talk on native Colorado plants for your garden at 9 am with the president of the Corral Bluffs Coalition, Jackie Hilaire. 

There is more info coming on these great BioBlitz opportunities where anyone in the community can join in and get to know some of the local parks and open spaces that make our region great! 

You do need to register for these events, so visit and register. 

After this event at Corral Bluffs, the Blue Stem Prairie BioBlitz August 18th and 19th and the Ute Valley BioBlitz on September 15th and 16th.