A Spring Message from the Chairman


Last week the Palmer Board of Trustees held its quarterly meeting in Salida.  As our organization expands its regional scope we have attracted new trustees from Pueblo, Fremont, and Teller as well as El Paso County. Naturally, we’re all eager to gain new perspectives on land conservation and to see things through other eyes. It’s been amusing to discover how many land feature names are duplicated through the region, requiring some clarification when a particular site is discussed!

The water level is rising in the Arkansas River as the spring melt finally begins, and every irrigator, river rider, and riparian conservationist throughout the basin is celebrating. I’m a fly fisherman so I guess I’ll have to wait my turn, but the month of May sure was a beauty for us too. I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the work Palmer is doing, from Rocky Ford to Lake George, through the Bessemer Farmland Conservation Project to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, and in between, on ranches and among the many conserved parks in the Colorado Springs area.

Palmer can gain impactful support from major funding organizations because they know that you, our individual donors, support our work and contribute to the services Palmer provides to landowners and all Colorado citizens who love and admire our natural setting. Our fiscal year ends on June 30, so please, make a gift now if you have not already done

We look forward to connecting with you this summer, perhaps at one of the farm-to-table dinners at Frost Farm~

Craig W. Larimer, Jr.
Board Chairman
Palmer Land Trust