Nature Endures

During this unprecedented time, it is comforting to know that nature endures. Whether it’s our beautiful parks and open spaces, the fresh, healthy food produced by local farmers and ranchers, or the reassuring flow of our rivers and creeks, the signs that nature will continue to thrive are all around us. 

How is nature inspiring you today? 
Please share your story with us.

Our 2 year old granddaughter and her daddy take daily outings to explore the Pikes Peak region's many protected public parks and open spaces. Two of her favorite baby phrases became, "Go hiking!" and "Go outdoors!"

Melissa Foster

Nature is to me like the lyric text from the 'An American Hymn', written by John Steinbeck for the movie theme 'East of Eden'. It means to me, when I am in nature, "I AM HOME."


As an artist, nature has inspired me to pursue an eco friendly creative practice. By making my own dyes, inks and paints from plants in my garden, I have gained a much deeper appreciation for the landscape around me.

Peggy Dlugos

I want to be outside as often as I can: landscaping mornings, admin on the deck in the afternoons, and in my yard or walking/hiking at other times. Love to be immersed in nature wherever I am!

Michele Mukatis

When I get outside on my favorite trail every evening and see Pikes Peak, my cells realign and I feel whole. The stresses of the day wash away and a sense of peace and calm overtakes me. Nature grounds and centers me.


I've been lucky to live an hour from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, which during these volatile times, provides me with the chance to reset. Both oceans and rivers will continue to offer a moment to feel at peace.


Nature is THE place I turn to so that I may return to myself. In a world full of so much intensity, nature inspires me to keep looking for our common ground.


Wendell Berry delighted "to see the world go on with the patient work of seasons." To find an oak with so many years of its growing trunk bent low beneath the duff before it reaches back up into sunlight inspires me to be patient.


Now more than ever, time in nature has given me a deep sense of gratitude—gratitude for such easy access to so many spectacular wild places; for good health that allows my family to hike, run, fish, and camp.


The quiet of nature is giving me the space to relax and restore. With nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees, it's possible to find the presence of mind and the strength to move forward.