Monthly Donor

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Why Give Monthly?

Being a monthly donor means being a part of a community of people who recognize the importance of not just caring for our land, but also ensuring that our wide-open spaces, mountain views, local food, robust ranches, and special memories have a place in our future. 

Just a few ways Palmer puts your monthly donation to work:

  • Identifying and organizing community support for new projects
  • Innovating and spearheading the solutions that meet today's conservation challenges
  • Ensuring protected properties maintain their conserved values and are enjoyed for generations to come
  • Advocating for local, regional and state support of conservation

Exclusive Updates

Get exclusive email updates from Palmer as a monthly donor. Exciting projects, events, information, and opportunities will be sent straight to your email inbox once a month.

Acknowledgement at the Southern Colorado Conservation Awards and other Palmer Events

Your vision for protected lands throughout southern Colorado is inspiring. We acknowledge your contribution in our annual report and at major events. Thank you! 

Help create and conserve the landscapes that make southern Colorado unique, and ensure that outdoor recreation, scenic views, and working farms and ranches are a part of Colorado's economy and identity for generations.