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Support Conservation and Local Producers

We are heartened to see so many people returning to nature during this time, including the parks and open spaces that Palmer has protected for you, forever. The land is taking care of us, how can we take care of the land? If you feel called to support, we welcome your continued commitment to Palmer’s mission - whether it’s by giving financially, supporting local food producers, or enjoying nature. When land is conserved, we all win, today and tomorrow. 

Be sure to tag us on social media as you visit local parks, shop with local farmers or ranchers, or enjoy the beauty of your own garden. We'd love to see your photos!  #itswhywelivehere #supportlocal #growyourown #natureendures #tenacity


There are numerous ways to give to Palmer and to land conservation in southern Colorado that can meet any of your budget needs. Whether it’s $5 bucks a week, $5 a month, or a one-time gift today, we welcome any and all support to continue conserving nature, local food, and our way of life. And if you were planning on giving to Palmer at the end of the year, perhaps you would consider giving to us today!

A couple of hints:  The CARES act allows you to make up to a $300 gift per individual (and $600 per couple) to the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of your choice and use it as a tax deduction on your 2020 taxes. 

Save Palmer’s registration number with your tax files: 20023003419. The new ReFUND CO program allows Coloradans to donate all or part of their state income tax refund directly to registered nonprofits, including Palmer Land Trust. If you wish to participate, simply enter Palmer Land Trust’s registration number (20023003419) in the ‘Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund’ line on your state income tax return or software. It’s that easy!

Join Palmer’s Millennium Society  - Millennium Society members are a leading group of individuals, organizations, and businesses who give $1,000 or more annually to Palmer Land Trust. Members can give $84/month (or more), or donate all at once. The Millennium Society comes together regularly to discuss, celebrate and invest behind that which matters most – the future of Colorado.

Planned Giving - One way to make an impact on conservation in southern Colorado, now and in the future, is through a planned gift to Palmer Land Trust. Gifts of life insurance or annuities or remembering Palmer in your will may help you achieve your financial and estate goals while leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. To learn more, please contact our office at 719-632-3236 for more information.

Donate Today

Support Local Growers and Producers

Buy local food from farmers and ranchers - Buying direct from local growers and producers supports family-owned farms and ranches throughout southern Colorado. It also allows you to develop meaningful relationships with each of the producers and provides a direct connection to where your food comes from. Visiting a farm stand, or having your products shipped to you direct is a win-win for all.  Check out Palmer’s Local Food Resource Guide to connect to a local farm or ranch.

Visit farmer’s markets  - Southern Colorado offers a wealth of opportunities to purchase fresh produce and meats. Farmer’s markets, held locally in almost every town, offer the perfect opportunity to purchase direct-to-consumer goods, making sure that farmers and producers are able to serve the people of their communities. Please see our Local Food Resource Guide for help locating a producer near you. 

Plant a garden with local seeds / plants - Local growers not only sell seeds and plants, but they can also offer a wealth of knowledge regarding what grows best in our unique southern Colorado climate. Local seed and plant growers can also provide heirloom varieties of plants, which allows you to participate in a long tradition of food production in the west. Check our Local Food Resource Guide for help locating a grower near you. 

Join a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA’s, pair growers and consumers in the effort to provide communities with healthy, fresh, locally-grown food. Consumers purchase “shares” of crops and then receive, as they are harvested, baskets of fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, and other healthy food. Shares and items depend on the type of shares purchases and the availabilitt. See our Local Food Resource Guide to find a CSA near you!

Visit Palmer's 20 Parks and Open Spaces

Enjoy - As a community, our mental health and wellness often depend on our ability to get out and enjoy our beautiful natural areas. After all, it’s why we live here! Time spent outdoors makes us happier, healthier, and better prepared to face the rigors of work, parenthood, and other responsibilities. We encourage you to visit any one of our Palmer protected properties, (a map is available here). 

Practice and share 'leave no trace principles' - As stewards of all of our public lands, please adhere to and educate others about Leave No Trace principles. Especially during COVID-19 “stay at home” and social distancing orders, it is important to be sure to be kind to others and our land. 

Get kids outside - Children are happier outside! There is a wealth of opportunity to increase learning, mental health, physical development, and increased awareness in children when you get them outside. Additionally, our children are the next generation of land advocates, and the sooner we teach them the value of open spaces, local food, farming and ranching, and respect for wildlife, the better! Check out Great Outdoor Colorado’s resource guide here for ideas, downloadable activities, and tips. 

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