Founders Circle

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What is Founders Circle?

Our founders' vision was to establish and protect southern Colorado's outdoor identity and open space heritage, and after 40 years of land conservation, this vision continues with the Founders Circle.

Founders Circle members are visionaries whose support propels land conservation efforts across southern Colorado. They know public open spaces, scenic vistas, and working farms and ranches are core to southern Colorado's identity and an ever-increasing population means an urgent need to protect land, today, so it can be enjoyed tomorrow. 

Founders Circle members give between $2,500 and $4,999 annually, pushing the needle ever forward when it comes to innovative and effective land preservation.

As a Founders Circle member, you have access to special events and exclusive invitations. 

Invitation to an Exclusive Overnight at a Protected Property in Southern Colorado

Enjoy a beautiful Colorado property, otherwise closed to the public, with an exclusive invitation to stay overnight on the property. Enjoy the rugged landscapes, historic buildings, and a true Colorado experience that highlights the uniqueness of Colorado. 

Millennium Society Dinner

This annual celebratory dinner, hosted and catered by The Blue Star, includes a specially prepared meal and an insider look at the progress and achievements in land conservation. 

Exclusive Spring Property Tour

Each spring we invite Founders Circle members to enjoy an exclusive property tour specially planned to showcase one or more of the primary focus areas of Palmer Land Trust: outdoor recreation, scenic views, and working farms and ranches. 

Acknowledgement at the Southern Colorado Conservation Awards and other Palmer Events

Your vision for protected lands throughout southern Colorado is inspiring. We acknowledge your contribution in our annual report and at major events. Thank you! 

Help create and conserve the landscapes that make southern Colorado unique, and ensure that outdoor recreation, scenic views and working farms and ranches are a part of Colorado's economy and identity for generations.