Keeping Colorado Colorado

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Conserving Colorado

Colorado’s remarkable landscape includes local, state and federal lands, as well as those under private ownership. While it’s tempting to associate Colorado’s landscape with national parks, national forests, and other public land, it is easy to overlook that private lands account for 55% of the state. Palmer Land Trust works with private landowners to implement conservation solutions that ensure southern Colorado maintains its beautiful and inspiring landscape and its identity and natural heritage. By working with landowners dedicated to preserving and conserving the natural beauty and open space of their properties, we are able to keep Colorado Colorado for the benefit of current and future generations.

Collaborative Partnerships

Palmer Land Trust’s work is never done alone. We rely on the commitment of our landowner partners to accomplish our mission of conserving southern Colorado. We also rely on help from fellow conservation and nonprofit organizations. By teaming up with ecological experts, agriculture groups, heritage tourism groups, economists, real estate experts, and others, we ensure we have the best team to accomplish our vision of a southern Colorado defined by scenic vistas, strong rural communities, and unparalleled outdoor recreation.

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are voluntary land preservation agreements that Palmer Land Trust uses to conserve private lands. These legally binding agreements ensure the conservation values of a property remain intact in perpetuity. While Palmer Land Trust holds a conservation easement, the conserved private property remains under private ownership and management. Although Palmer Land Trust uses other conservation tools, the conservation easement is one of the most popular and widely applied conservation solutions.