Business Partners

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Business partnerships offer community-minded business leaders a powerful, year-round way to support land and water conservation while positioning their business as a strong environmental steward. There are multiple ways to become a Palmer Business Partner. 

Annual Donation

Your annual donation is an investment in our region, which is good for business. Business Partners who make a contribution to Palmer will be highlighted on the website, featured in a news post, and thanked on social media. 


Hosting an event, donating a percentage of sales, or offering in-kind support are other opportunities to show your dedication to land conservation. Contact us today if you are interested in hosting an event that supports conservation efforts. We will help invite people to your event, and share through social media and e-news.

Thank you to our business partners who generously support the work of land conservation!

Silver Members
Bronze Members
Broadmoor Garden Club

Broadmoor Garden Club

Interested in showing your support by becoming a business member?

Please contact the Palmer Land Trust office at 719-632-3236 or [email protected].

Why I Give

Why I Give - Patti Freudenburg

Having both grown up in wild, open, wonderful places (on Guam for Tony, in Nebraska for Patti) with plenty of room for exploration, it is natural that we want to do what we can to provide similar opportunities for future generations here. Whether it is preserving contiguous wildlife corridors or protecting farm and ranch land in the Lower Arkansas Valley, we are delighted to be a part of the Palmer Land Trust’s ongoing efforts. The accomplishments of PLT benefit us all.

Patti Freudenburg

Why I Give - [node:field-wig-name]

In the beginning and in the end - it is about the sun, moon, water, land, skies, birds, forests and all living things. To be able to know there are spaces that are respected and protected grounds me and gives me nourishment to live a respectful life of mutual reciprocity.

- Survey Respondent

Why I Give - Winn Jewett - Oxbow Labs

Oxbow Labs Team

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to find and attract incredible employees. The most important quality that this region offers is outdoor recreation. The work that Palmer Land Trust is critical to ensuring that the qualities that make Colorado unique are maintained, not just for the short term, but forever. Today, PLT's steadfast commitment to land conservation has never been more important. Our lands, open spaces, and outdoor recreation are critical to the success of small businesses like Oxbow Labs. This is why I give.

Winn Jewett - Oxbow Labs

Why I Give - Matt Niznik (and little Owen)

Palmer Land Trust protects the lands and communities that make Southern Colorado special. From the trails I hike to the local produce I eat, Palmer Land Trust guarantees that these valuable assets will continue to define Colorado for my children and future generations.

Matt Niznik (and little Owen)

Why I Give - [node:field-wig-name]

Even though we are planting our spring garden and doing yard chores, the ability to go to beautiful, open spaces to breathe in the outdoor air and be inspired by the Peak soaring above, into the sky, gives me a sense of calm and peace, a reassurance that there is always hope so long as we keep up our connection to the natural things that last.

- Survey Respondent

Why I Give - Dick Harwood

Two of the things I love most about the Pikes Peak Region are its natural beauty and all the outdoor recreational opportunities it affords in our very backyard. I never tire of hiking places like Red Rock Canyon, Ute Valley Park and Section 16, or enjoying the spectacular and almost unobstructed mountain vistas as I drive up Ute Pass and circle Pikes Peak on the Gold Belt Byway.
If it weren’t for the preservation work of Palmer Land Trust, areas like these would be developed and lost forever to future generations. That’s why I think it’s so important to support this crucial organization in any way I can.

Dick Harwood