About Palmer Land Trust

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In 1977, a group of concerned and passionate Colorado Springs residents banded together to form the William J. Palmer Parks Foundation in order to establish and protect public open spaces and parks in the Front Range. Today, Palmer Land Trust is one of the top 20 largest land trusts in the country based upon conserved acreage easement holdings (there are approximately 1,700 land trusts in the United States), and we were one of the country’s first 100 nationally accredited land trusts.

Our mission is to protect southern Colorado's lands for present and future generations. Since our grassroots beginning in 1977, we have protected 135,000 acres of working farms and ranches, signature landscapes and scenic corridors, and public recreation open spaces throughout southern Colorado.

Recent News

Jun 25th, 2018

At Colorado College, I am an intern at the Chaplains Office, or a SPIRAL fellow - which I assume is an acronym, but I have yet to figure out what it means.  As of right now, I want to pursue chaplaincy as my career.  Though my interest in religion and spirituality blossomed in college, my spiritu

Jun 22nd, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Water is the lifeblood of San Luis Valley communities–culturally, economically, and ecologically. With water rights in the Valley watershed at extreme risk of transfer off Valley properties, a supportive alternative for landowners is critical.